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No company is exempt from legal dispute. At some point, a contract, financial consideration, or other problem will come to a head, requiring individuals and businesses to consider legal assistance. In San Diego, only a handful of attorneys are well-known for specializing in business trial law. Business litigation for businesses and individuals is the only type of law we practice at The O’Brien Law Firm, APLC. This specialization has allowed us to build a reputation for excellence both among other attorneys and our clients.

In the field of business law, we specialize in areas including: fraud, breach of contract, intellectual property and trade secrets, shareholder/partner disputes, theft and embezzlement, contracts, real estate, and construction. If you are facing a dispute in San Diego, another state, or internationally with corporate interests in California, we have the skillset needed to successfully conclude your case.

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Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of any business legal dispute. All of our cases are led by founding attorney John O’Brien, meaning you will have access to a well-qualified attorney whenever you need one. Instead of treating a client as just another case in the docket, we accept a limited number of cases which we focus on entirely. With this level of focus, our clients are never left playing phone tag with our attorneys. We efficiently utilize technology and legal resources to improve the client experience in every case.

Case description

Successfully defended $2,000,000 business defamation lawsuit, resulting in a defense judgment in our clients’ favor on the plaintiffs’ defamation claims. And, we won a judgment in our clients’ favor for breach of contract on our cross-complaint.


Defeated Lawsuit. Plaintiffs had to pay our clients.


Defeated Lawsuit. Plaintiffs had to pay our clients.

San Diego Business and estate Trial Law

Integrity Driven for Both Prosecution and Defense

As business litigation specialists, John O’Brien and his team accept both prosecution and defense cases. If you are being investigated during a dispute or you are concerned that business is not being conducted properly, a free case consultation can help you determine if legal representation will be an asset to you or your business. When you call us, we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the details of your case. We can allay your concerns or confirm your suspicions, giving you the information you need to determine whether legal representation will be necessary.

Securing the services of a well-qualified attorney early in the process can help you proactively address a dispute. Investigations, securing paperwork, and reading through documentation during the discovery phase can be time consuming and frustrating without an advocate who knows and understands the process on your side.

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Business Trial Attorneys Passionate About Making a Difference

Although few business disputes ever go to trial, when they do, it can be a serious financial and emotional strain. The O’Brien Law Firm, APLC, has never lost a trial or arbitration. Our commitment to fighting for our clients has allowed us to favorably settle all the cases we have handled. We relentlessly tackle each case to ensure that we have not left any stones unturned. Every case is different and requires not only legal knowledge, but the skill to develop a case that makes sense in light of the facts surrounding it.

When you choose to work with The O’Brien Law Firm, APLC, a personal relationship with our founding attorney is only the beginning. We take on clients with the hope of becoming their go-to legal representatives for the future. From small disputes to threats to the long-term success of your business, we take each claim seriously and follow through with the same level of quality and attention to detail.

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Initial case evaluations are always free, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our history or legal process.